The historical and ongoing accusations by Mr. Gayzer Frackman, questioning the integrity of individual members of the Frack Free Lancashire Finance sub-group and the committee in its entirety, seriously damages the movement.

For the avoidance of doubt, NO ONE INDIVIDUAL makes any decision about distribution of funds raised for the Frack Free Lancashire Legal Fund. The sub-group members give their time voluntarily to raise the funds and distribute those funds on a “need” basis, guided by the constitution. It is not autonomous, the sub-group reports fully to FFL monthly meetings.

Again, for the avoidance of doubt, the Legal Fund is NOT a charity; its sole purpose is to assist FFL “members and groups” with legal and related experts’ costs. It does not and cannot support groups or individuals that do not fall within that definition. Many avenues are open to, and are used by, other groups and individuals to raise funds from the same sources evidently with success.

Susan Holliday, Chair of PNRAG and a member of the sub-group, would like to add her voice to this statement:

These wild accusations concerning the sub-group and its individual members, of which I am one, has to stop. PNRAG has been well supported by the FFL Legal Fund in its efforts against Cuadrilla’s appeals against Lancashire County Council’s refusal of permission to frack at Preston New Road. To allege otherwise is totally wrong. These wild accusations seriously undermine FFL’s ability to continue raising funds from those who support our aims. The threat to us all is ongoing and FFL, an internationally supported group, should be applauded, not denigrated, for raising much needed funds for its members and member groups.

Jim Nisbet, former Chair of RAG and also a member of the sub-group, adds:

There exists a constitution by which the sub-group must abide in the distribution of the Legal Fund. Mr. Frackman is not, by his own admission, involved with Frack Free Lancashire, therefore the Legal Fund cannot support his actions. The Legal Fund donations and grants have been administered on a “need” basis to the members and member groups, with incoming funds ring-fenced for those groups’ likely future needs. This is done in consultation with the representatives of those groups on the sub-committee and is reported at FFL meetings, which Mr. Frackman does not attend. By accusing any individual of wrong-doing he therefore indicts every member of the sub-group, including the Chair of PNRAG. Simply put, the Legal Fund has supported both PNRAG and RAG on application for help and continues to do so. Mr. Frackman’s allegations are without foundation and border on defamation.

Frack Free Lancashire Finance sub-group condemns Mr. Frackman’s allegations and, once again, assures those who have donated to the Legal Fund that their donations have been, and continue to be, distributed with the utmost propriety.

Signed by members of the sub-group:

  • Chris Cannon, SAFE (Singleton Against a Fracked Environment)
  • Anne Fielding, RAFF (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking)
  • Ian Roberts, RAFF (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking)
  • Susan Holliday, PNRAG (Preston New Road Action Group)
  • Maureen Mills, HAF (Halsall Against Fracking)
  • Jim Nisbet, RAG (Roseacre Awareness Group)
  • Mel Tarplee, HAF (Halsall Against Fracking)