This letter was featured in the Blackpool Gazette on 21st October

The recent shale gas decision highlights once again that this government rides roughshod over public opinion, and supports the fat cat energy firms against democracy and will of the people.

Also ignored was the people’s decision against storing nine hundred million cubic metres of gas under River Wyre.
Another Abbeystead in waiting.
As for the UK signing the climate change agreement at last year’s Paris conference; this too is now ignored.
Teresa May said: “Government is for everyone not just the privileged few,” but these decisions make it abundantly clear she has followed the same pattern of killing off democracy for the sake of vast profits for the privileged few, at the expense of land destruction and health problems.
Our local members of parliament could have stopped these debacles.
Out of many thousands of people physically protesting, a multi-million
pound gas company has singled out and pursued in the civil court, to brbmake an example of, a lone grandmother with limited means.
So much for integrating with local people, whilst the gas industry rapes the natural resource for vast profits.
It is about time we had members of parliament who actively support local constituents and their elected council representatives.
Mr D Barker
Pine Crescent