A lovely letter from Stephen Garsed  as he departs for COP24 :

“To all in Frack Free Lancashire

I will be leaving today for the CoP 24 Climate Conference in Katowice, 
Poland, as part of a 30-strong CAFOD Group. We will be there as a 
counterweight to all the corporate lobbyists who will be there to 
campaign for “business as usual”

I will be thinking very much of my friends in Frack Free Lancashire and 
particularly of the fantastic Nanas and their friends who maintain their 
vigil at PNR. We will fight our local battle just as others around the 
world fight their own local battles in common cause against corporate 
greed and climate change . Together we are strong for, as Edmund Burke 
so wisely observed, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did 
nothing because he could only do a little”. Every little bit we do is so 
important in our fight for the planet.

I will leave you with a few beautiful words from Pope Francis “Nature is 
filled with words of love”.

Wishing all at FFL love, hope, peace and joy 


Stephen Garsed.