To our friends at Frack Free Lancashire,fracking_resources_313

We’re sorry to not have been in touch sooner. Today’s media coverage, which relates to the complaints made to the ASA in 2015 by Cuadrilla, has come as a surprise to us.

As many of you already know, before Christmas, the ASA agreed not to rule on the complaint. This means there has been no finding against Friends of the Earth or the leaflet.

The ASA can decide to do this if the advertising is no longer being used (like our old leaflet), and is often used in cases where they feel “the number and/or seriousness of the complaints does not provide good reason to investigate the case formally”

Based on this, we understood that the ASA would put a notification on their website to state this, along with the longer list of rulings.

That’s why we were surprised when we heard from journalists that the ASA had put out a press release.  Despite the media coverage, it remains the case that there has been no ruling against Friends of the Earth or this leaflet.

You can read more about the decision here.

The fracking company that made the complaint is spinning the story like it won. This is simply not true [2]. And we stand by the fact that fracking is a serious risk to people and the environment. The scientific evidence keeps growing.

In dealing with the complaint, we submitted over 100 independent studies, reports and pieces of evidence to support the statements in the leaflet, including 32 peer-reviewed academic papers, official government documents and authoritative institutions like the British Geological Survey, the European Commission and the UN Environment Program. We think the science is clear and we’re sticking by it.

Fans of fracking are lining up to attack us, and to discredit the amazing work that groups like Frack Free Lancs have done to keep the UK frack free for over 5 years.

We can see the impact we are having. Resistance to fracking in the UK continues to grow and public support is at an all-time low. This is down to the amazing work of people like you.

We must keep it up.

It is a pleasure to work alongside you and we will continue to support you in the future. We will not be silenced by the fossil fuel industry and we go into 2017 more united and determined than ever.

Until we win,

Anna and the Friends of the Earth fracking team.