This woman is so out of touch and appears to have swallowed all the industry hype. Who on earth is advising her? Francis Egan!!!!!babs_murphy10.jpg

It was so obvious at the Public Inquiry she had not done any thorough research and was shown up as such. She had not even read the unredacted DEFRA report on the impacts of shale gas on rural economies.

This clearly showed there could be adverse impacts on the agricultural sector and tourism amongst many other things. The report states “Shale gas development may transform a previously pristine and quiet natural region, bringing increased industrialization. As a result rural community businesses that rely on clean air, land, water, and/or a tranquil environment may suffer losses from this change such as agriculture, tourism, organic farming, hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation’.

She did not even realise the job figures she is so keen to quote were been produced by the industry itself! No vested interests there then. Everyone knows these are relatively short term jobs and many are specialist. Just 11 jobs would be created at each of the two sites proposed. The renewable sector would create far more jobs which would be long term and sustainable without posing risks to our environment, health or climate change.

Babs Murphy is backing the wrong horse and she shows an appalling empathy for the communities which would be affected.

Just a few weeks ago in Australia, Victoria and Northern Territories banned fracking. This is what they said. Mark Ogge, Principal Adviser at the Australia Institute said that “Queensland’s experiment in unconventional gas had demonstrated that the economic benefits promised by the gas industry had largely failed to materialise, while negatively impacting other industries. Research had found that for every 10 new gas jobs, 18 agricultural jobs were lost.”

“The Government’s decision is based on the best available evidence and acknowledges that the risks involved outweigh any potential benefits to Victoria. Our state is the nation’s top food and fibre producer with exports worth $11.6 billion. The permanent ban protects our farmers and preserves Victoria’s hard-won reputation for producing high quality food” Quote attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

What of the Lancashire’s agriculture and tourism sectors. What would be the impacts there? Has she even bothered to assess the negative impacts?

Blog by Barbara Richardson, Roseacre Awareness Group, Lancs

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