Theresa May’s plans to compensate those affected by fracking are denounced as a ‘bribe’ by environmentalists.

A generous windfall…or a cynical bribe?  Is this indicative of a desperate and frightened Government?County hall line

Some of the comments from members of Frack Free Lancashire today:

  • We are undergoing a seismic survey in PEDL 164 and already at least one house sale that we know of has fallen through just because it showed up on the search.  Theresa May says her government will be “driven by the interests of the many – ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise”.   Her government will be driven, as always, by “the powerful” who stand to make billions out of inflicting fracking on communities!  No amount of bribery, community or individual, will give her social license for fracking and she knows it!


  • We should highlight who is really sitting on  a gold mine and it certainly won’t be the ordinary good people of lancs.
  • No amount of money could compensate for the impacts on health and environmental pollution. £10K is a desperate and pathetic attempt at bribery whilst using the North as guinea pigs for a failing industry.


  • As if ‘up to £10k’ could compensate us for what we would have to endure. We moved to the countryside for the peace,  quiet and way of life it affords. We worked hard to afford it. Our home is not likely to sell at all with a 24×7 fracking site next door so how this could ‘compensate  for any disruption and impact on property prices’ is ridiculous.  This tells me the government is desperate. They know there is huge and growing opposition and rightly so.

…and many more !