“I am sorry I cannot join you here today. Thank you for coming out in the cold, winter weather to send a powerful message to those who want to frack in our communities.

The collective voices being raised by the wonderful and determined Women in White must leave decision makers in no doubt: we reject the dirt, the noise, the traffic, the chemicals; we reject the disruption of a beautiful place; we reject the attacks on local democracy and our right to be heard; and we reject this whole new fossil fuel industry – jeopardising the prospects for our children to live in a safe climate.

People are coming together to show that they care and that it is time to be counted. Ministers sitting in Whitehall may have one type of power but they should pay attention because real power lies with you all here. The power of nonviolence. We are coming to the end of a whole year of Cuadrilla being on site, and no fracking has started. So congratulations to all the people who have been there, protesting, day in, day out, including the Women in White, who have helped keep up the momentum. Who have helped ensure a regular visible presence that leaves nobody in any doubt of our rejection of fracking.

I was delighted to visit a few weeks ago, and hope to come again – please know that all MPs across the country are keeping an eye on what is happening here. Neither those for nor those against fracking will want to have this replicated in their constituency. You are making a huge and very real difference.

To women and communities standing together, to a clean, frack-free future for Lancashire and beyond. Thank you.”