Lancashire Police and private security facilitating eviction at New Hope Camp.

Frack Free Lancashire strongly condemns an eviction that occurred at New Hope Camp on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

Shortly after 06.30hrs this morning, a private bailiff company – Able Enforcements, in collusion with Lancashire Constabulary and a local construction/demolition firm, Pete Marquis, who has regularly sought to mock anti-fracking protestors on social media and has previously claimed to profit from the protests – undertook an aggressive eviction at the camp, giving residents no warning nor time to gather their belongings in a safe or respectful manner.

Camp animals, specifically pet cats, were terrified by the private security firm’s dogs, and residents were not allowed to try to retrieve them for over five hours.

Residents were dragged from their sleeping spaces in the dark and zero temperatures, and were not allowed to return, prohibited by police and bailiffs. Homes and personal belongings were bulldozed, including solar panels and a wind turbine.

Able Enforcements suggested they were able to do this under “Common Law rights to remove trespassers from private land,” however, no prior notification from the landowner was given to the camp – either written or verbal. 49 Lancashire Police Officers were counted at one stage, with several of them witnessed to be laughing at the eviction process.

Able Enforcements also published a derogatory and untrue statement:

“Fortunately, we’ve met most of these individuals before…so we knew what to expect in terms of aggression, abuse and violence.” 

We wholly reject this defamatory statement and know the camp residents to be peaceful and a welcome part of our community. The camp was been established with the landowner’s permission and community support almost three years ago. They have in, turn, supported the local residents in their battle against failed fracking company, Cuadrilla. They are part of the community.

We will stand together with our friends, who have purposely been made homeless following this inhumane eviction process and will work together as a community to assist however we can.


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  1. what a nice and wellcoming place new hope was , the structure they put in place was awe inspiring ,solar panels for free energy i stayed there lots of times and will always have fond memories of the people that i met . what a dedicated group of people , from all walks of life