Green Monday

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11 March – For this Green Monday, our main speakers will be Carolyn Kagan & Mark Burton:

Carolyn is an Emerita Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst Mark (who was a Visiting Professor at MMU) is currently working with Sheffield University. They are both part of Steady State Manchester Collective, which is working with people & organisations for a Greater Manchester that is economically, socially and ecologically viable.
They will be talking about how to construct viable/sustainable economies after we’ve finally moved on from fossil fuels – economies that, crucially, will allow us to live within Earth’s planetary boundaries.
For those wanting to some research/homework before they come to PNR, a link to their work is provided below:
About us
They are expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.

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The Community Hub
Maple Farm
Preston New Road Lancashire

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