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An excellent documentary on fracking

Lawrence D’Silva has made an excellent documentary investigating fracking. It is well worth 20 minutes of your time – please share!

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Fracking row: Treasury ‘showing shambolic conflict of interest’

Third Energy’s newest director, Conservative party peer and donor Jitesh Gadhia, is also a non-executive director at another Treasury body, UK Government Investments. One of UKGI’s roles is to provide advice to the government on dealing with financially distressed businesses.  

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Water quality and resources could be at risk from fracking, says the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency spelt out today what it sees as the risks to water from a shale gas industry.          In its report The State of the environment: water quality, the organisation included fracking as a potential threat. The process was considered as a future

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Special guests for Green Mondays

We are really excited to announce some very special guests at our Green Mondays down at Preston New Road. On 26 February, John Ashton, Co-Founder of Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), will be our main speaker. Jamie Peters, of Friends of the Earth, will be also be making

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A hidden report for Britain’s most senior ministers has revealed that the promise of a UK shale gas boom has been dramatically exaggerated by government and fracking companies. Government has known for almost two years that the number of wells likely to flow shale gas from fractures

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What’s happening this week? 12-18 February 2018

In this week’s listings: Mass boycott of Barclays; Three more INEOS, Fracking and You public meetings; Protest trial and verdict; Film screenings; Plus rallies and gatherings. WITH THANKS TO RUTH AT DRILL OR DROP    

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Fracking is linked to breast cancer: Chemicals used in high-pressure oil and gas extraction cause uncontrolled cell division Read more:

Previous research reveals cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell division This occurs when mice are exposed to chemical levels of those in fracking areas Fracking involves drilling into the earth before inserting a high-pressure mixture Although this releases gas and oil, chemicals can contaminate local water  One in eight

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Temporary respite for this unwelcome industry but no meaningful change

Today’s release of BEIS data for Wave 24 of their quarterly polling gives some palliative relief to the ailing UK fracking industry. It shows that the relentless slide towards single figure percentage support has been, at least temporarily, halted. The industry, however, are still a long way

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