New ‘body of evidence’ unveils fracking threats to public health & safety

The negative impact of fracking on health and climate is inevitable, according to a newly released comprehensive report, which is based on “expanding body of evidence” of risks and harms related to oil and gas extraction.

“There is no evidence that fracking can operate without threatening public health directly or without imperiling climate stability upon which public health depends,” a Nobel Peace Prize-winning group of physicians have concluded in their fourth and most comprehensive report.

However, the paper, issued in mid-November, has largely remained unnoticed by both the media and the government.

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What’s happening this week? 28 November – 4 December 2016

This  week’s diary features two conferences, a parliamentary meeting, a regulators’ drop-in event, discussion on a minerals plan, training, a debate, a walk and a consultation deadline.

Please let us know (click here) if any of these details are incorrect or if other events should be included. Event listings for the rest of December and later in the year here

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Fracking Week in Parliament – week ending 25 November 2016

In this Fracking Week in Parliament:

  • Caroline Flint on funding energy efficiency from shale tax revenues
  • Alan Brown and Tom Elliott on plans for a shale wealth fund
  • Mark Menzies on re-opening the Roseacre Wood public inquiry
  • Baroness Jones on fracking opposition and counter terrorism

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Challenges to police links between fracking opposition and domestic extremism

Controversial links made by the police between anti-fracking campaigners and domestic extremism are coming under scrutiny and challenge.

In the past month, a policing monitoring group, a peer and two opponents of shale gas operations have called for greater care and openness in the use of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, Prevent.

Challenges to police links between fracking opposition and domestic extremism


Government accused of ‘dirty tricks’ over controversial fracking report

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Local resident seeks Judicial Review



Local resident seeks Judicial Review


Mr. Julian Burton has formally made a statutory challenge to the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities (Sajid Javid) regarding his decisions concerning fracking at Roseacre Wood.

Mr. Burton, who is being represented by Cornerstones Barristers, had previously submitted a letter before action giving his grounds for challenge but the Secretary of State has now responded and has made it very clear that he intends to defend his position.

Papers have now been lodged at court and are being sent to the Secretary of State and all other interested parties.

Mr. Burton’s action is welcomed by Treales, Roseacre and Wharles Parish Council and by Roseacre Awareness Group which represents local residents.

Mr. Burton said,

“I am incredulous that the Secretary of State should feel it appropriate to re-open this Public Inquiry with the clear intention of over-turning not just the original decisions of Lancashire County Council (Planning Officer, Highways Officer and Development Control Committee) but also the unequivocal recommendation of the independent Planning Inspector.

He has taken no account of local democracy in spite of this Government’s repeated pledges in support of localism.”

A spokesperson for Roseacre Awareness Group said,

“We are very saddened that Mr. Burton’s letter before action has been dismissed by the Secretary of State.  This leaves him with no choice but to seek a Judicial Review of the Secretary of State’s decision to re-open the Public Inquiry.

Both the residents and Lancashire County Council have provided strong, robust and compelling evidence to show that Cuadrilla’s plans for the Roseacre Wood site are totally inappropriate and would pose a real danger in terms of road safety. We are being asked once more to present our case with all of the time and effort that this will involve. We regard this as being extremely unfair and an abuse of process.”

This matter will now be considered in the High Court and a judge will decide whether Mr. Burton has grounds to proceed to Judicial Review.  A decision is expected early in the New Year.

Nick Danby

Roseacre Awareness Group

Report by the Concerned Health Professionals of New York

The Compendium is a fully referenced compilation of the significant body of scientific, medical, and journalistic findings demonstrating risks and harms of fracking. Organised to be accessible to public officials, researchers, journalists, and the public at large, the Compendium succinctly summarises key studies and other findings relevant to the ongoing public debate about unconventional methods of oil and gas extraction. The Compendium should be used by readers to grasp the scope of the information about both public health and safety concerns and the economic realities of fracking that frame these concerns. The reader who wants to delve deeper can consult the reviews, studies, and articles referenced.

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Seismic denial?

For weeks, telephones at commission headquarters in Austin had been ringing about earthquakes hitting Azle, which had never felt a quake before. Suddenly, ground was shaking under hayfields and homes, rattling windows, knocking pictures off shelves, and sending frightened children into their parents’ beds at night.

A rather lengthy report by by STEVE THOMPSON and ANNA KUCHMENT at Dallas News

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