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Fracking Week in Parliament – week ending 30 September 2016

In this week’s Fracking Week in Parliament: Scottish Conservatives accuse the Scotland’s First Minister of “double-standards” over shale. She accuses them of wanting to “ride roughshod” over local opinion and concerns. Thanks to for the transcript  

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No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on Earth

The Paris climate change agreement is worthless. Politicians can’t possibly honour it unless we stop developing all new fossil fuel reserves. By George Monbiot  

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Response to Babs Murphy/Chamber of Commerce by Barbara Richardson RAG

  This woman is so out of touch and appears to have swallowed all the industry hype. Who on earth is advising her? Francis Egan!!!!! It was so obvious at the Public Inquiry she had not done any thorough research and was shown up as such. She

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Tina served with yet more papers for 2 weeks prison sentence for contempt of court? WTF?? Intimidation continues. Why else would they choose this venue. B*****rds.  

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Drills the point home nicely.

This was censored off my YT Channel not for copyright but because it was claimed to be “misleading” or may be “considered spam”??? In this short clip I edited, David Letterman breaks fracking down along with GASLAND director Josh Fox  

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Fracking supporters side-step ASA process before Lancashire decision

Tony Bosworth 26 September 2016 A leak to The Times has revealed that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has made a draft recommendation that complaints against Friends of the Earth – made by fracking company Cuadrilla and two well-known supporters of fracking – should be upheld. This

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Labour government would ban fracking in UK

Barry Gardiner strengthens party’s opposition to fracking as industry and campaigners await key decision by ministers on Lancashire applications The government is soon to decide whether to accept Cuadrilla’s appeal against Lancashire county council’s decision to turn down an application for two fracking sites.Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters via

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What I told the government about fracking and their unsustainable ‘dash for gas’

Posted by Hannah Martin  

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What’s happening this week? 26 September – 2 October 2016

18 events this week including party conference fringe meeting and lobby, Meet the Regulators’ information session, film screenings, campaign launch, council recommendation on IGas shale gas plan in Nottinghamshire, consultation deadline, lobby of Scottish parliament and tea party opposite Buckingham Palace. Please let us know (click here) if any

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Labour government will ban fracking in the UK + reaction

The shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary confirmed this morning that the next Labour government would ban fracking. Barry Gardiner told delegates at the Labour conference in Liverpool BY RUTH HAYHURST ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2016  

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