Victoria bans fracking

The Australians have been blazing an anti fracking  trail that we have followed for five years. First they gave us Lock the gate, then they gave us the inspiration of Nanas and now an outright fracking ban in Victoria. Chloe Aldenhoven is one of those trail blazers that coordinated lock the gate in Victoria along with other Friends of the Earth activists and a dedicated community movement. When we met Chloe in Paris not only was she a very inspirational speaker, she was the most unassuming and humble activist that you are likely to meet. The struggles of Australian activists has the greatest similarity to the UK , both politically and socially. Our fracking story has followed in the footsteps of Australia and if history is to be repeated we should expect to see fracking bans and moratorium imposed throughout England within the coming months.

Victoria has made a statement “Victorians have made it clear that they don’t support fracking and that the health and environmental risks involved outweigh any potential benefits.” – Premier Daniel Andrews.  

Its time for the UK to follow suit and ban fracking NOW.image1 victorians

Hey all,

A huge day for us with the unconventional gas campaign in Victoria.  After a mammoth 5 year campaign, a huge community mobilisation, our Premier Daniel Andrews has placed a permanent ban on all forms of unconventional gas (coal seam, shale and tight), including fracking.

“Our farmers produce some of the world’s cleanest and freshest food. We won’t put that at risk with fracking.”

“Victorians have made it clear that they don’t support fracking and that the health and environmental risks involved outweigh any potential benefits.” – Premier Daniel Andrews

We are ecstatic, and grateful to the international movement for all support and inspiration for this big legislative win.

Onwards and upwards!

Chloe Aldenhoven

Victorian Lock the Gate Coordinator

Coal and Gas Campaigner

Quit Coal



A study by Anna Szolucha, of the University of Bergan in Norway, found that even before exploration had begun residents living near proposed sites had experienced stress and anxiety.

Much of this was caused by what she described as “a profound sense of moral outrage” at the activities of the gas company, local authorities and the government.

This had led to depression, annoyance and feelings of disenfranchisement, she said.

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Momentum Continues to Grow in the Opposition to Fracking: More Than 70 Brazilian Cities Approve Fracking Bans

Last week saw two more Brazilian cities prohibit fracking, reaching a total number of 72 since the launch of the No Fracking Brazil campaign in 2013.
Fracking is a method for fossil fuel extraction which is already banned in several countries and bankrupting its promoters in the United States.

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Lock the Gate to Frackers

Frack Free Lancashire
We’re locking the gate to frackers…
Does it seem a little quiet? That’ll be because in meetings, around kitchen tables, over garden fences and in various places… the people of Lancashire are readying themselves for the imminent decision about fracking Lancashire.lock the gate 2
We are many, we are varied and we all have one point of complete agreement – the UK will remain frack free. We may reach for that aim differently – but we are ALL reaching together
IF the decision comes and it has no respect for democracy or plain logic… then we will act (non-violently) but in a multitude of ways to prevent progress. We’re hoping the many will be willing to stand with us in some way – online sharing or perhaps in person here in Lancashire or where you are but in solidarity in some way?
…IF the day comes – we will call and hope to hear a roar in response from this incredible movement !

Police monitoring group offers guidance on the role of security guards at anti fracking protests

Security guard

Anti-fracking campaigners who are filmed by security guards outside oil andgas sites can apply to obtain copies of footage held on them, according to a new briefing.

The document, published this week by the policing monitoring group Netpol, said private security guards were commonly used to try to prevent protest. They often recorded protesters on their phones as “a form of intimidation”, the group said.

But filming in public spaces is subject to legislation and security companies must properly secure and retain any data they acquired.

Police monitoring group offers guidance on the role of security guards at anti-fracking protests




France to roll out futuristic solar roads to power millions of homes

France is set to roll out over 1,000km (621 miles) of solar road that will deliver an eco-friendly way to produce enough energy to power millions of households. The project was announced by Ségolène Royal, the country’s minister of ecology and energy, and will see these electric avenues hit highways over the next five years.


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